Dan and I started working together about one year ago. During that short period of time I have learned way more than I expected. Dan is an incredible teacher. He is very knowledgeable, methodical, and very patient. He does not demean me when I falter; on the contrary, he encourages me. He has high expectations for his pupils. He is not one for mediocrity and that gives me the incentive to push myself so I can excel. I am learning new techniques every day on both piano and guitar. I am very confortable and satisfied with my music teacher, Dan Lupo. Now my five year old grandson Carter is excited to start his own lessons with Dan!"

 - Alphonse J.

Dan Lupo has been the music teacher for both of our daughters for over three years now. One take guitar and piano, the other takes guitar and drums. He is a kind, patient, and dedicated teacher with a love for music who is constantly inspring our daughters to expand their musical horizons. Recently, with less than 2 weeks to prepare, Dan helped arrange a song for our daughter to play in a local talent show. Because of his help and guidance, she is now one of seven finalists competing for the top prize!! Thank you, Dan!"

 - Eileen M.

I have always wanted to play guitar but I would get overwhelmed with connecting the theory to song that I wanted to play. I loved being able to play the songs, but I could never really get a handle on how the theory fit into the picture. Dan was able to help me connect the two. He used simple tips and tricks that allowed me to understand the practical end of playing my instrument. Now the guitar doesn’t look like a huge maze to me and I actually look forward to practicing! Thanks Dan!"

 - George K.

My daughter and my son have been taking lessons from Dan for the past 3 years. Dan is very knowledgeable, patient, and a great teacher. My kids enjoy taking lessons with Dan.”

 - Marie L.

My son and I have been taking lessons with Dan for about 2 years now and he is amazing. Dan has a way about him that relates to people of all ages. He is attentive to what you want to get out of your music and knows how to get there. He is extrememly talented and is a great teacher. I have recommended him to many of my friends.”

 - Frank M.

I’ve been working with Dan for about 4 years now and he has taught me a huge amount. He is passionate about music. He understands how to work with students and is flexible with his teaching style. He is also just a fun person to be around. I can’t think of any bad times we have had together. We share laughs and stories and I consider him as family. If you have any doubts about starting lessons, I highly recommend you do because you will not regret it.”

 - Kyle L.